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Open to teams in the 12U age group.

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Tournament Rules

General Rules:

  • All teams will play a minimum of four (4) games and may play more through championship rounds (weather permitting).
  • Tournament games will begin on the Friday of the event.
  • Teams will play preliminary games on Friday & Saturday with consolation and play-offs on Sunday.
  • Cooperstown Rules will apply for ages 11U & 12U with the following exceptions.
  • All games shall be seven (7) innings with a 2 hour time limit.
  • No new inning shall commence after time limit of game play or where reasonably cannot be played.
  • Time limits will be in affect up to championship games.
  • Mercy Rule will be 10 runs after 5 innings and will be in effect for all games.
  • In the championship rounds of semifinals and finals, every effort “within reason” will be made to complete games by innings and/or time limits if weather should interfere.
  • No team will play in more than two (2) games per day during the event unless due to team option, play-off bracket, or weather.
  • Courtesy runner for both the pitcher and the catcher may be used at any time (mandatory for catcher with 2 outs). Courtesy runner has to be someone not presently in the line-up. The same player cannot run for both the pitcher and catcher in the same inning.  If a team is batting their entire roster, the courtesy runner is the last player to be recorded out.
  • Any participant (player, coach, spectator, etc.) ejected from a game shall have the circumstances of his/her ejection reviewed by the Tournament Director, Site Supervisor, and/or Chief Umpire. A decision will then be made what additional penalty, if any, shall be applied to that person. The additional penalty most likely will include suspension from a subsequent game(s) or suspension from the tournament all together. 
  • Teams must be ready to play 30 minutes before their scheduled game time (games will begin early when possible).
  • ALL teams must provide a roster and liability insurance for their team.

Pitching Restrictions:

  • No player may pitch more than a total of 12 innings during the tournament.
  • No player may make more than three appearances as a pitcher during the tournament. NOTE: Throwing one (1) pitch constitutes an appearance.

Tournament Rain-Out Policy:

  • If the entire event is rained out (no games played), all unspent funds will be returned (Umpire Fees, Refundable Facility Fees and Staffing Costs).
  • If the tournament begins and parts of the event are washed out there will be a pro-rated refund up to each individual team’s game 2. If a team begins play in or completes 2 games the tournament will be declared official and no refund will be forthcoming. Questions to: “N.Turvey@outlook.com”

Tournament Play-Off Format Pool Play:

  • Teams will be divided into non-regional preliminary pools when possible.
  • Each team will play three (3) pool play games.
  • Guaranteed fourth game will be an elimination, play-off, or consolation game.
  • Championship play format will be specifically determined based on attending teams one week before event begins and distributed to coaches.

Tie-Breaker Rules (for seeding purposes; in order of use)

  1. Head-to-Head competition
  2. Run differential (max at mercy rule)
  3. Fewest runs allowed (overall)
  4. Coin flip

Tournament Mission:

  1. To provide a number of games for each team within a balanced schedule.
  2. To allow a competitive format with opportunities to advance within the tournament. 
  3. To provide a pleasant and exciting tournament while allowing for social activities within the area.
  4. To develop the tournament into an exciting annual event that teams from all across the region attend.
  5. Any rulings and/or situations not covered within these rules will be decided by Tournament Officials/Umpires.

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